Why Should You Go for Digital Gold this Dhanteras?

In India, Dhanteras is one of the most auspicious days of the year. It is believed that whatever you buy on this day will reap benefits throughout the year. And therefore, people on this day buy precious metals such as gold and silver. During this period, the rise in demand for the yellow metal leads to an increase in gold rates, which makes buying gold jewellery quite an expensive affair for many. But it does not have to be.

With more people choosing instant and paperless investment and payment options, Digital Gold can appropriate gold-saving choice as opposed to the traditional methods of gold-buying. This Dhanteras, instead of rushing to stores and standing in long queues all day, buy Digital Gold from the convenience of your home. Not convinced? Let us look at some reasons on why you must buy Digital Gold this Dhanteras.

Why Should You Buy Digital Gold Instead of Gold Jewellery?

This Dhanteras, bring home gold but in modern style. Instead of buying gold jewellery, start investing in Digital Gold online. Reasons to buy Digital Gold in place of gold jewellery are explained as follows:

  • Pay only for gold: When you buy gold jewellery, you not only pay for gold but also for other amalgamated metals and studded stones and gems. But in the case of Digital Gold, you only pay for gold. Every rupee that you must have saved for long to buy gold on this auspicious day is completely utilised in buying only pure gold.
  • Bear ‘zero’ making charges: Gold jewellery is usually expensive. Besides high gold prices, its final cost includes GST (Goods and Services Tax) and making charges, which usually ranges from 6% to 14% of the price of gold, thus making gold jewellery more expensive than it already is. But Digital Gold is exclusive of the making charges. When you buy Digital Gold, you only bear the current gold price and GST, thus making gold more affordable for people.
  • No risk of gold being stolen or lost: One of the biggest drawbacks of buying physical gold is that it involves the risk of being stolen or lost. Hence, people store their gold jewellery and gold coins in lockers at banks instead of homes. Thus, making protecting gold a lifetime hassle. But you can break free from gold storage costs and constant tension of its safekeeping by saving in Digital Gold. You do not need to worry about its safekeeping as it is bought online and is kept in the custody of a trusted entity.
  • Store your gold for free: To protect your physical gold from being stolen, you store it in bank vaults. But the safekeeping does not come for free. It includes lifetime charges such as maintenance fee, annual charges, registration fee, service fee, etc., making gold storage a lifetime costly affair. Moreover, in most cases, only those can get lockers who already hold an account with the bank. These issues are not there with Digital Gold. Since it is bought on an online platform and stored in a digital account, it does not require safekeeping on your end. The physical gold that is backed against Digital Gold is also safely stored in an insured vault, which incurs no or nominal charges depending on the platform from where you are purchasing Digital Gold.
  • Buy gold anytime: Buying physical gold is time-consuming and inconvenient. To buy a single 0.5 g or 10 g gold coin, you need to take a trip to either a jeweller or bank. The inconvenience increases ten-fold on festivals and auspicious days such as Diwali, Dhanteras and Akshaya Tritiya. A large number of people during these days flock to local jewellers and big brand gold jewellery showrooms to buy gold. For that single gold coin, you not only battle traffic on roads but also the crowd present in gold shops. But you don’t have to suffer so much. Instead of wasting your time and efforts in visiting jewellery stores, buy Digital Gold online anytime at your leisure.
  • Buy as per your budget: Gold is rare and holds incomparable characteristics thus making it globally expensive. It is also culturally significant for Indians but not many can afford it. Moreover, during the festive season, gold rates tend to shoot due to a sudden increase in its demand. Hence, making it even more costly. With Digital Gold, everyone can buy gold. Unlike physical gold, Digital Gold can be purchased in fractions at cost as low as Rs. 1. Thus, making it affordable for many.
  • Convert ’Gold’ to ‘Cash’ instantly: Gold is famous for being highly liquid. This implies that it can be easily sold in the market to receive money. But to get its right value, you need to:
    • Visit the jeweller from where you had bought it in the first place.
    • Also, you must have the purchase bill with you.

If anyone of the above-stated conditions is absent, you will not get the right price of gold. The amount that you will receive on your gold article will be after the jeweller has made certain necessary deductions. But in the case of Digital Gold, selling gold is not only convenient but also quick. You can sell your accumulated Digital Gold amount anytime at live gold prices. You do not need to visit a jeweller or save the gold purchase receipt for making a selling transaction. You can sell on the same online platform from where you had initially bought it. You can sell it even in small fractions at any time of the day. Once your selling transaction gets successful, the amount will be transferred to your registered bank account in just a few hours.

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From Where Can I Buy Digital Gold?

Gold is expensive and you wouldn’t want to buy it from an unknown or untrusted entity. This Dhanteras buy Digital Gold at – renowned loans and cards marketplace. Recently, the organisation has joined hands with SafeGold with an aim to offer people the ease of buying gold. Digital Gold at has made gold highly affordable. It allows you to buy 24K pure gold online anytime at a price as low as Rs. 100. You can store it in one of the country’s most secure and insured lockers at no extra cost. You can also sell your accumulated gold on the same platform at live market prices or get it delivered at your doorstep in the form of gold coins.

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