What Is CBD and How Is It Different From Marijuana?

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There are a lot of debates that are going on in the world, and sometimes people often engage in deep conversations about different topics. One topic that seems to always come up is the use of CBD products; although, the debate goes much deeper than most people think.

Over the last few years, the legal use of marijuana and cannabis-based products has grown. With that in mind, a lot of consumers are becoming curious about the options they have to work with. These options can include anything from CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (main compound of marijuana).

Essentially, both CBD and THC are found in plants, but they’re completely different from one another. People often find themselves saying that both marijuana and CBD are the same things with different names. But that’s not the case at all.

For the most part, CBD is usually found in the extraction of the hemp plant but it’s not sold the way it is extracted. In more specific terms, CBD can actually be sold in the form of oils, gummies, supplements, and more.

It’s no coincidence that CBD has so many forms in sales, which is why you often see people investing in CBD stocks more than ever before.

As for THC, that’s a completely different story; it is the main compound that’s found in marijuana and it gives you the sensation of being high. Usually, it’s administered by smoking or edibles. You could say that marijuana is the way to go if you just want to “get high” for a moment in life.

Both THC and CBD are going to interact with your body — but there are important differences. Let’s take their chemical structure; they have the same exact molecular structure, but their atoms are arranged in completely different ways, which explains why CBD affects your body much differently than marijuana would. in other words, marijuana and CBD may be chemically similar, but they have two different forms of interaction.

There are a couple of other differences when it comes to CBD and THC. Each can help you put together a better understanding.

Two Different Psychoactive Components

They may have similar structures in chemical terms, but they don’t have the same effects psychoactive. With CBD, that “high” feeling you get with marijuana doesn’t show itself because it’s a non-psychoactive compound. Marijuana produces that “high” sensation because the THC within binds with CB1 (cannabinoid 1) brain receptors. This binding doesn’t happen with CBD, but it can dampen the effects caused by the binding of marijuana.

Different Terms Legally Speaking

By now you may already be familiar with the legal issues in the United States involving both marijuana and CBD. In states that haven’t legalized CBD, every form of cannabis is considered illegal. Both marijuana and THC are actually controlled substances which makes them prohibited under the federal law. But there are some states, like California, that have passed laws that are cannabis-friendly. These laws have made medical marijuana — with high THC levels — legal. Although, this form of marijuana has to be prescribed by a licensed physician. In states where CBD is legal, you can buy it for recreational use as well as medical use. Needless to say, before you try anything, it’s important to know the laws of your state; you don’t want to end up having to face legal penalties.

Most people who dabble in marijuana investing already know that both of these differences can give you a slightly better understanding of both marijuana and CBD — but there’s still so much to learn. With that in mind, the more you take the time to educate yourself, the better off you’ll be.

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