Outback Veterans Day Military Discount

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Most of us associate Outback Steakhouse with Australia, but the restaurant will be All-American this Veterans Day, November. 11.

Outback will have a special deal for veterans and active duty military members at its more than 1,000 locations around the country.

It’s part of a Veterans Day trend: restaurants offering deals to veterans who have served to protect the American way of life. It’s a fitting tribute since our way of life favors good food served well.

We don’t know the exact specifics of Outback’s 2018 offer yet, but we have a pretty good idea based on previous Veterans Day promotions. As always, make sure to call your location to make sure they are participating.

Here’s What We Expect Outback to Offer

Outback logoTo honor current and former military personnel on Veterans Day, Outback Steakhouse will likely add its signature appetizer, the Bloomin’ Onion, to your meal at no cost.

Outback will also pick up the tab for your beverage. And, members of your party who have not served in the military will be eligible for a discount.

They do things differently “down under” and this deal is no exception: Most Veterans Day restaurant offers do not include non-military members of your party; even family members usually pay full price.

Adding a free drink to the offer is also different since many offers exclude beverages.

Here’s a Rule: Get Verified as a Vet

Outback Steakhouse’s “No Rules, Just Right” slogan may need some revision on Veterans Day.

Your Outback location will have to enforce a few rules to make sure only veterans and military members claim a free Bloomin’ Onion and drink.

To show your status as a veteran, bring some documentation as proof of your military service and present it to the host when you sign in for a table. Here are a few common proofs you could bring:

  • Your Military ID Card
  • Your Veterans ID Card
  • DD 214
  • Your DD Form 2765 (100 percent disabled retired veterans, Medal of Honor recipients)
  • Your driver’s license with veterans designation

Getting cleared as a vet or a currently serving military member right away will make things easier as your server calculates your ticket when your party finishes ordering.

If you’re worried about confirming your status, call ahead to make sure your form of verification will work.

More Details About this Deal

As stated above, we expect Outback to give veterans and current military members a free Bloomin’ Onion and a free beverage to go along with their meal on Sunday, November 11, 2018.

Veterans become eligible for the free appetizer and drink on Veterans Day by ordering lunch or dinner from Outback’s regular menu.

This policy differs from most other casual dining Veterans Day offers which give veterans a free entree — often from a limited menu — but require the full price for additions such as appetizers and for drinks.

There’s nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit. If you like Outback, and if you’d like one of the largest and most-filling appetizers out there, you’ll love this deal.

If not, veterans have more places than ever to choose from this year as dozens of restaurants offer free or discounted meals on and around Veterans Day.

Family and Friends? Included in Outback’s Deal

Only a veteran who has shown proof of service (or an active duty military member) can get a free Bloomin’ Onion and drink on Veterans Day, but the rest of the table isn’t left out in the wilderness.

Outback will also give friends and family members of veterans 20 percent off their meals on Veterans Day if they’re accompanying a verified veteran and dining in.

Since most people don’t dine alone, especially on Veterans Day, this bonus feature makes Outback’s offer even more attractive.

And don’t forget: Not even a veteran can usually eat an entire Bloomin’ Onion. Chances are good the rest of your party will also enjoy part of your free appetizer.

Discounts Leading Up to the Holiday, Too

Along with the free Bloomin’ Onion and drink and the discount for family and friends on Veterans Day, Outback also has discounts on the three days leading up to November 11.

On November 8, 9, and 10, Outback will give veterans or military members and their families a 20 percent discount on dine-in orders.

This offer cannot be combined with other specials and ongoing promotions at Outback.

This 20 percent discount also can’t be combined with Outback’s ongoing 10 percent discount for law enforcement and first responders known as Operation Homefront.

Also, please note that none of the discounts above apply to alcohol sales or to gratuity.

What is a Bloomin’ Onion Anyway?

Outback Steakhouse burst onto the casual dining scene in the early 1990s with a flurry of advertising and entry into most large American markets.

Though Australian in theme, the chain has its roots in Tampa, Fla., and its menu features steaks, soups, salads, seafood, and sandwiches.

The Bloomin’ Onion, one of the restaurant’s most distinct choices, combines deep fried onion petals arranged into a plate-sized bloom with the restaurant’s signature Bloom sauce.

If you’ve never added one to your Outback meal, Veterans Day will be the perfect time to give it a try.

Bottom Line

You’ll find Outback Steakhouses along busy shopping corridors and Interstate exits throughout the country. The restaurant’s website automatically identifies your nearest location (assuming your computer or device gives it permission to do so).

The site also tells you how long you’ll have to wait to be seated at your nearest Outback. As with any special holiday promotion, it’s a good idea to call ahead before arriving to make sure your location participates.

This Veterans Day, you can also find some pretty generous discounts from retailers across the country, as well as special rates on events and attractions.

On Veterans Day and every day, there are companies out there who want to thank you for your service with military discounts.

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