How To Decorate Your New Home Without Breaking The Bank

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Moving to a new place could be an expensive endeavor. Based on the layout of the new room, you may have to get different furniture to fit all your belongings neatly within the space. Trying to make your new home homey can have you furiously shopping online page after page for hours or even days. The Pinterest rabbit hole is real.

If you’ve just moved into a new place or are thinking of bedazzling your home, here are some ways that you can do so without spending an exorbitant amount:

Creating a Sleep Sanctuary

Most important investment for your home would be your bed; this is where you spend most of your time, even if you’re doing so unconsciously in your sleep. It is one of the most basic and crucial necessities a shelter could offer.

First, you should know that there is a scientifically determined ideal sleep temperature: 65℉. However, simply adjusting the room temperature won’t necessarily ensure you’re sleeping in the most optimal environment. Your mattress traps your body heat and soaks in all your sweat and dirt, affecting both the temperature and air quality that you breathe in while you sleep.

Having the right foam mattress with great air circulation would be a great start. Water-resistant mattresses help reduce the risk of dust-mite and delay the mattress getting dirty over time. Ecosa and Koala are two of the most popular brands for memory foam mattress, check which brand, Ecosa vs. Koala, would get you the best value.

Space-Saving Furniture

In order to minimize clutter in your room and best utilize limited space, enter multifunctional furniture. Nowadays you can find almost any type of combination of furniture items such as sofa with a folded-in table, a revolving nightstand with bookshelves, and a headboard with storage.

So never settle for singular purpose furniture; always check if you can find multifunctional ones with extra storage space. It’ll help you stay organized and uncluttered.

Now, these so-called “smart” or multipurpose furniture could be pricey. You can look for deals on discount sites such as or check P2P marketplace such as Facebook Marketplace.

But here are some easy DIY ideas to create additional storage space for cheap:

  • Get a few individual storage baskets from cheap and put them under a simple Ikea bench to create extra cabinets
  • Use hangable wine rack for shoe storage in the closet.
  • Put a larger tray on a small nightstand for larger flat surface
  • Put a shoe-rack under your sink, or on the bathroom floor for more cabinet space
  • Better utilize the corners by getting corner bookcases or mounting corner shelves
  • Use thin, wide scarves as table or couch covers

Visual Tricks to Add Texture to a Room

There are simple tricks that interior designers use to create the illusion of space even if your room is tiny. Lighter colors better reflect colors and light and thus create the appearance of space. You can maximize this by strategically adding accents in the room; for example, using highlight colors or adding texture to certain areas such as the wallpaper.

Having furniture with thin legs or frames also exudes openness. Make sure not to cover the windows so that all the light flows into the room in full. You should be intentional with the size mixture of the furniture placed in each area of the space as well.

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