Grandfather Says: Political Anarchy

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Original oil painting by: Grandfather’s wife

Grandfather says he is a political anarchist, more than anything else.

Then he favors youths dressed in black and wearing masks and hurting people and breaking things, you ask?

No, Grandfather’s anarchy is not violent; it merely avoids government, whenever possible.

One must live apart to do that, so one must be able to stand one’s own company and that of a few others.

A hermit he is not.

“Experience has taught me that any kind of political grouping is oppressive. It’s the blind mass that crushes the individual.”

— Gao Xingjian


About the Author: RD Blakeslee is an octogenarian from West Virginia who built his net worth by only investing in that which can be enjoyed during acquisition and throughout life, as opposed to papers in a drawer, like stocks and bonds. You can read more about him here.

Photos: Courtesy of the Blakeslee Family

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