Grandfather Says: Are You Ready for Retirement?

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Original oil painting by: Grandfather’s wife

Grandfather knew when he retired nearly fifty years ago what it would be like.

He thinks the reason that he knew was because there were things he wanted to do that he had to forgo when he was hired out to “the other man” and would now have free time of his own to do. The idea that happily-retired folks don’t do anything brings a smile; we just work in a different direction, for ourselves.

Now, every day is like the weekend was when we were employed.

In these rapidly changing economic times, Grandfather says he thinks folks of all ages should prepare themselves for post-employment life, psychologically as well as financially.

In your free time, do things you really want to do. You will get even better at them and enjoy them more when your time is your own.


About the Author: RD Blakeslee is an octogenarian from West Virginia who built his net worth by only investing in that which can be enjoyed during acquisition and throughout life, as opposed to papers in a drawer, like stocks and bonds. You can read more about him here.

Photos: Courtesy of the Blakeslee Family

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