10 Shopping Hacks That Will Ensure You Always Get the Best Deal

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Everyone loves a good deal. But your shopping habits could probably use a little tweaking. Online shopping and apps have changed the way shoppers buy things. And with that, tried and true shopping hacks may have changed, too.

Of course, finding ways to get discounts online is one hack that everyone knows. But did you know that there are apps that can streamline this process? And there are other hacks you may be missing; here are ten you’ll want to try:

Price Matching. Did you know that major retailers like Target and Walmart will match prices advertised on other online stores? Some accept price matches from Amazon; but others will not. To try it out, go to the actual online store website and bring up the exact same product. Next, go to the service desk and show them the lower priced item.

Leave Items in Your Online Cart. Sometimes leaving items in an online cart will prompt the retailer to sweeten the deal and make you pull the plug. To prompt the retailer to contact you in a day or two, go to your online cart, and fill out the shipping and account information — but don’t complete the transaction. Instead, exit the website completely. After a few days, you may receive an email from the retailer trying to entice you to come back — often with a discount to complete your purchase. Just remember to check the box saying that you’d like to receive emails and offers. In addition, register with your own account — not as a guest. Otherwise, the retailer won’t have a way to contact you.

Dynamic Pricing. Dynamic pricing is a sneaky way to do business. But many sites utilize different factors like your browsing habits to set prices for an item you’re looking at. You can avoid this sneaky pricing tactic by clearing your browsing history or using Incognito mode.

Track Sales on Social Media. Some major retailers pre-announce sales on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Many companies post flash sales and coupon codes this way, too. So make sure you follow your favorite stores to snag special deals.

Coupon, Rebate, and Cash-back Apps. Using apps to get cash-back rewards, coupons, and rebates is a great way to save on shopping that you have to do anyway. Swagbucks gives you a chance to earn points by shopping through the app or website’s links. Ebates, on the other hand, gives you a little rebate for activating Ebates savings in your browser.

Ask for a Deal. Have you ever seen the “chat” icon on your favorite retailer website? Chat service customer agents are often privy to promotional codes and discounts not offered anywhere else.

Shop Farmers’ Markets Late in the Day. This may be counter-intuitive but, if you’re hoping for deals, it’s better to visit your Farmers’ Market later in the day because most sellers would rather not have to take their products home.You may see as much as 80% off if you don’t mind less-than-perfect produce.

Amazon Filler Finder. Have you ever shopped on Amazon only to find that you’re just shy of that free shipping amount? Some people simply suck it up and pay for shipping. But if you don’t have time to look for add-ons, let Amazon Filler Finder do the work for you. Simply enter the amount you need to qualify for free shipping. Then press “search” to discover a list of products that are at, or near, the amount you need.

Schedule Your Shopping Days. Most stores have their own sale schedules. Generally, stores send out coupons and discounts from the middle to the end of the week — as such most sales occur on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. For an extra leg-up, you can also join social media groups that track sales and savings opportunities.

Sales Bargain or Hype? Did you know that some websites inflate their starting price? They do this so it looks like you’re saving more money than you really are. So to make sure what you’re buying is the deal you think it is, add the item to your shopping cart. Next, open another tab and do a quick Google search for the product’s name and product type. You may find that the price you were going to pay isn’t really a deal at all — or you may find the same item at a much lower price.

Before You Checkout …

Finding the best deals takes time and patience, but ultimately, it’s up to you to do your due diligence. That means researching the products yourself, and maybe doing a little comparison shopping.

Lastly, you may want to try one of the cash reward or rebate websites for items you normally buy anyway. Not only will you receive a little money back, but it’ll be for something you already had to buy.

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